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Engaging Young People on Democracy

Democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives.

While democracies share common features, there is no single model of democracy. Activities carried out by the United Nations in support of efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate democracy are undertaken in accordance with the UN Charter, and only at the specific request of the Member States concerned.

The UN General Assembly, in resolution A/62/7 (2007) encouraged Governments to strengthen national programmes devoted to the promotion and consolidation of democracy, and also decided that 15 September of each year should be observed as the International Day of Democracy.

This year's theme - Engaging Young People on Democracy - highlights the challenges and opportunities of young people engaging in democratic processes.

People between the ages of 15 and 25 constitute a fifth of the world’s population. In many developing countries, the proportion is even higher – with the majority of young people today living in low - and middle-income countries.

Yet study after study shows declining faith among young people in politics as we know it, with decreasing levels of participation in elections, political parties and traditional social organizations across the world. This applies to both established and emerging democracies.

At the same time, informal, youth-led movements for democratic change are on the rise in a number of countries – including in fragile states. Using new communication channels in social networks, young people are making their mark on democracy-building in untraditional ways. On social media, use the hashtag #DemocracyDay



18.11.2012, Kamenica

NGO Proactive in cooperation with local internet and service provider K-NET will enable a Free wireless zone known as Free WI-Fi to community of downtown area of Kamenica. The covering zone of WiFi will be very qualitative and it will be in function from 21.01.2013. Costs of internet and equipment will be covered by Proactive - PCSF (Pro Community Small Fund) and by generous support of K-NET manager. Implementation of this project will extend until 21.06.213. On the meantime we will seek for potential donors to continue with internet services (free) for community of Kamenica even after this date.


Kamenicë, Kosovo

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Proactive members this summer have continued to assist to kosovar citizens living abroad. Assistance consisted on facilitation for document extraction of children and married couples who need assistance during procedures. Most of the cases have come to our office and requested information and duration of procedure while others have requested personal assistance during contact with servants of civil registry in Kamenicë and Gjilan. Our members remains committed to help our community of citizens living abroad with necessary assistance during procedures for issuance of documents.

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