What is Pro Community Small Fund (PCSF) ?

Pro Community Small Fund is a Proactive’s independent initiative for helping local community.
Pro Community Small Fund is a voluntarily social action which aims to support small-scale initiatives of community. PCSF is supported by Proactive’s funds, private companies and by individuals who support efforts for better life for citizen’s regardless ethnic, religious or race background.  Even that PCSF doesn’t provide with humanitarian assistance, many times people (especially from remote areas) have been requesting a help from our members so we have answered positively by donating food, daily rations, living goods, pocket money and clothes to families in bad economic situation.  Transportation and delivery of living goods have been carried voluntarily by members of Proactive. For this year, we have approved a financial growth of the funds dedicated to PCSF activities up to 43%, so we can perform more investments for local community.


Future of PCSF

In five year period, PCSF is planned to be managed independently from Proactive by being registered as Foundation organization. Until that time, Proactive will stay committed to ‘take care’ of PCSF and will enable a stable development and gradual transition of competences.


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