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·         Non-Governmental Organization Proactive(hereafterProactive)was established in 2009 under Regulation 1999/2 of Registration and Operation of NGO’s in Kosovo. Proactive is direct successor of Alternative Youth Association MILLENNIUM, one of the first established organizations in Kosovo after 1999. Proactive  was established  to strengthen the role of civic society among community and especially of young people in Kosovo by establishing a democratic environment for all citizens’ regardless ethnicity, language, race or religion.  Organization’s main objective is the promotion of human and minorities’ rights by applying non-formal education and (new) media as a tool for spreading the culture of human rights.

There are 84 registered members of organization who contribute directly in various activities at local community. Members of organization are young people, active and with considerable experience in managing projects and activities in the past seventeen years of pluralism in Kosovo


Gender issueis an important segment within organization. We have successfully incorporated thisvalue into our projects and everyday work by giving them equal possibilities to have impact on community as part of kosovar society. Our scope of projects and initiatives stems from the heart of community. Our everyday contact with ordinary people has made us aware and active listeners of their voice which is an important indicator for identifying a concern or an issue that matters.As result of that we have a project team which takes into consideration community voice in future project planning.At this important level the project idea is born and later on developed into a general concept which allows us to be accurate and rea listic in results.Every project development has this lifecycle which is driven by our commitment to change things positively for community.

Today, Proactive is continuously expanding with new members, new ideas and with new projects aiming to create better conditions for community.During 2013 Proactive has launched two online channels with thematic programme schemes.Telekomuna ( is online channel dedicated to community and local governance whileTelekomuna 2 (T2)  is targeting young viewers. Both channels are now branded separately and local audience has accepted them very positively and with higher interest.



Our scope of projects and initiatives stems from the heart of community. Since its official registration in 2009 as non-governmental organization, Proactive has implemented 18 projects and 2 co-projects.  Nature of the projects has been important for the local community.  The main field of project activities has covered the sphere of human and minorities’ rights. Other activities include: media, inclusion, personal development, sports and culture. 
At each project we include ethnic minorities as relevant segment of society. The projects that we design are creative, tangible and cost effective. Our management team is made of skilled individuals who have worked for the twelve years in various domestic and international projects.  Our project lifecycle initiation is simple and does imply the final beneficiary which is the community. We start everything from the main focus and that’s the citizens (community) need. Graphically this process in practice looks like this:

As you can notice in graphic shown above, the process has a ‘route’ that starts from community and ends at the community and this is what our aim is.


Project Methodology

If we go more details into a project methodology, we apply the same process groups such are:
Planning and Design
Monitoring & Controlling and

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